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To discover what is truly possible for an organisation, a nation, or a species if our collective competence is fully harnessed


Senseii is a skills management, collaboration, and analytics SaaS
platform. It is designed to facilitate continuous learning
and upskilling of your workforce.


Senseii seeks to assist Executives
create a culture of learning, diversity, and collaboration accross the organisation resulting in improved employee experience, loyalty,  performance and productivity.


Senseii traces skills location and distribution across the organisation to provide analytics and reporting. It uses this to connects pupils seeking to learn a microskill to a Sensei (SME/mentor), Live panel discussions and create rooms centred around that skill.


  • Faster time to Learn, Onboard and get things done by connecting all your employees with an SME (Sensei) for any micro-skill needed to do their job better
  • Better and faster decisions by the Leadership team from enriched employee profiles and analytics of where skills and micro-skills lie across the organisation
  • Improved Diversity, Inclusion and Collaboration across different groups and Regions
  • Easy to get started and adopted with integrations to your existing enterprise technologies eg SSO, Collaboration, LMS, AD, HCM tools
  • Improved learning, upskilling and reskilling with live one on one and panel sessions centred around skills
  • Set up better project teams by allocating resources on their skills rather than their titles or department
  • Compliment or possibly reduce time and money spent on some generic pre-recorded or external education programs
  • Make better hiring decisions based on the skills you need reducing the chances of needing to re-hire… Or better yet, mobilise and invest in the talent you already have and avoid hiring altogether!!

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“Upskilling and reskilling is the top priority for L&D pros globally”

– LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning report

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